Despite the fact that I practice different spiritual practices, sometimes it feels like something keeps me in a regime that does not allow me to be completely liberated. Plus, sometimes I have some deep issues related to self-acceptance and self-love. I’m happy that the universe sent me a special person who helped me a lot!
With the help of the Tantra techniques, he helped me to heal my body and liberate from those blocks that were caused by different life situations. Feelings of deep relaxation mixed with feelings of liberation and relief accompanied with tears - this is how I would describe my feelings after the seance.

It feels like all chakras are opened and I start to feel/ hear my body and soul. And it's only 2 hours, I can imagine what we can achieve if we practice regularly!

Words can not express my gratitude! May the universe continue to envelop you with unconditional love and happiness.


Tantra session with David. 
I have got sessions from David many times now. He made a good progression, all focus has been on me and we have gone deeply in the sessions together. David gave of himself to do the very best for me. He gave me some good lessons to learn! I can only recommend trying sessions with him.